Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sunday- The Drive Home

Exhausted from our adventures the few day before, we slept late into Sunday morning.  Brunch with Doug and Rachael and then began the remainder of the journey from the north end of Oregon to the Southern most. We were making very good time just south of  Portland when we saw a large sign that we had seen 100 other times on the I-5 corridor. 'Tulip Festival'  It was the last day of a month (or two) long festival.  Thinking this would be fun to drive to and  imagining the Fiesta amidst a colorful Tulip background we quickly exited the freeway. After what seemed like hours (about15 minutes) we finally made it to a 'ginormous' Tulip field.  The entrance fee was a bit high, so we cruised the road outside the field and 'temporarily' stopped on the side of the road to get some great pictures.  

Continuing our journey home, we decided to make several other stops.  Our first stop, the capitol of Oregon, Salem.  We stopped in Salem to introduce 'Fiesta' (insert name here...yes, we will name our Fiesta soon. We didn't have anything picked out for a Magenta Fiesta) to the Capitol building.  The rain began again, almost sensing that we wanted to take outdoor pictures and video.  (A very nice group from Oklahoma asked about our car and snapped a picture for us.)

We jumped back in the car and planned out the next few stops. Joes Sporting Goods (to see if any clearance prices were actually clearance yet) and Eugene, for dinner and coffee with friends. After refueling with some coffee, and gas for the Fiesta...the coffee was for us, not the Fiesta...we continued on to Southern Oregon. The trip that usually takes four hours, took us about nine. It was a very eventful weekend. Stay tuned for more of our Fiesta adventures at the Fiesta Movement Live Feed site!      

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