Sunday, April 19, 2009

Who is Following Brad and Emma?

With other agents about to recieve the Fiesta any minute...Brad and Emma try to figure out what to do next:

May 1st may not seem like all that far away. But to us it feels like the days are moving in reverse. We try to go on with our 'ordinary' lives working at the Craterian Theater, in beautiful Southern Oregon. Our long schedules and tedious days in which we must adjust microphones, focus lighting fixutres, haul gear in and's pretty much the same as working at a coffee stand or out in the 9-5 office world... OK OK, I's pretty awesome.

So what should we do with just under two weeks left before getting our shiny silver FIESTA? Well, how about another promo video. Maybe we could get a celebrity endorsement? But who would want to follow Brad and Emma? We think that you will after this! And when you are done with the short 24 second clip...why don't you join our little Face Book Fan Page HERE!