Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fiesta Training Day 2: The Magenta Miracle

We didn't have to be at training until 8:45 so we decided to get an extra adventure in before the Fiesta Fun started.  We walked back down to Pikes Place Market, where they were just setting up for the day, and got coffee from the 1st Starbucks... It burnt Brad's tongue! Training started a little after 9am and was mostly about the car and its features.  We packed our bags, checked out of the hotel, and then hit the road!

On the bus ride over to get our cars we discovered an interesting fact. Apparently, in the year 2011 Silver is a much brighter redder color! In fact, as the saying goes, Silver is this years Magenta! After trying to cope with losing the 'Silver Bullet/Vortex/Streak/Warrior' we tried to welcome in the Magical Magenta special changing Silver color edition. 

We arrived at the unveiling, after a few wrong turns by the shuttle driver, to two rows of sparkling Fiestas! We were allowed a short introduction to our cars and a few photos before we all sat down for a yummy boxed lunch.  After lunch, the manual transmission "pros" got to drive around a bit while the newbies got a refresher course.   After receiving some great driving lessons (like don't keep the car in 3rd when leaving from a stop sign on a hill)  we felt very comfortable with the 'peppy little beast.' When we were all done we were handed our second key and very cool sunglasses and sent on our way. 

Pulling away from the training in a shiny new Fiesta (without even stalling) we reflected on the overall experiences in meeting the fellow agents and Mission Control: This is going to be an exciting and adventuresome six months! 

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  1. Driving a stick is ALWAYS exciting and adventuresome!