Monday, March 30, 2009

28 named so far in the Fiesta Movement! (Updated)

Greetings all! Just wanted to let you know that Ford began making calls today. We have down that they called (Updated) 28 people (from Twitter) They will continue to make calls all week. (Thanks to @blueGinx197 for the missing links)

We also found a great article that a fellow contestant wrote. Check it out at: Automotivetraveler We even got a mention in it! Hopefully we'll get a call soon as we are on pins and needles as the saying goes. Thanks to all the views, comments, and subscriptions! If you haven't yet subscribed to our channel please click HERE!

Here's the list of winners by Twitter names with links to each YouTube Video that we have found so far! (Unofficial List) Don't forget to check out ours as may be the next winning video! @followthefiesta

We hope you can stay here and enjoy our is so enjoyable...isn't it! And don't forget to take the poll to the right! What do you think of the results so far?

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