Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The FIESTA begins!!!

The second day of calls was nearing an end, we had almost given up hope. But, as Brad was about to update his status on Twitter, the phone rang.

It was 4:19pm when we received the call from 'Mission Control.' They had a special mission for us....if we chose to accept."We would like you to be the next Ford Fiesta Agents."

I am of course making up all quotes and response as I do not remember a thing from the phone call. It was a blur from the beginning to the end. I think he may have even asked what shoe size each of us wear?

We still can't believe that we received the call and have been selected for this Movement. We are very excited for this opportunity and look forward to sharing the Global Fiesta with everyone!

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Thank you all for your support in making this possible. We hope you enjoy our adventures to come and maybe we will see you on the road in our brand new Ford Fiesta!


  1. oh wow!!! that is soo awesome you guys! I'm so happy for you! :-) So what do you have to do next? I am so glad you were chosen-your video was hilarious. :-)

  2. So excited for you guys!

    Has anyone heard if everyone has been called, or is there still hope for some of us?!?!?

    Also, did you get any kind of call/background check info before receiving THE call? Or was it a complete surprise?