Monday, October 5, 2009

What we learned at the LVMS

He's 14 and Rocks!
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We had a great time at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for our 5th Fiesta Movement mission. One thing that we didn't get in our main video was our interaction with a 14 year old driver named Dylan Kwasniewski.

Dylan, the #3 driver at the LVMS, is one of the most impressive kids that I have spoken to. He not only has talent for racing around the track in the Pro Legend (LVMS track holder) and Trucks (for the first time Labor Day weekend) but has the personality to back it up. His attitude is not that of a budding superstar as one would expect -- there is no apparent 'I am the world attitude.' He is well-spoken, gracious, and very down to earth.

I think if the world was full of kids like Dylan, we would all feel a little better about our futures. Check out the video interview with Dylan HERE. (Just ignore me, I was taken over by a California surfer and could only spit out the word awesome over and over again.) And if you haven't seen the full LVMS video you can find that HERE.


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