Friday, July 17, 2009

The Roadtrip

It appears we are about half way through our roadtrip now! We have traveled about 5600 miles so far and hit 20 of the lower 48. The Fiesta is doing great so far! Even the pot hole in South Carolina (the size of the Fiesta) couldn't stop Vortex (that's our Fiesta.) We've hit some fun places along the way including George Washington Carver National Monument (Nat Mon), Vicksburg Nat Mon, Louisville Slugger Bat Tour, and many other great sites.

The humidity is what is getting us in the South though! Being used to the Pacific Northwest, we are constantly running the A/C in Vortex. It seems the Fiesta is fine with this and keeps on motoring along.

Next up is North Carolina, W. Virginia and then heading up North. We have found it to be very challenging to keep up to date on posting pictures and blogs on our travels and have decided to post things when we have more time. Please keep up to date on our travels on our Twitter account HERE and our Facebook FanPage HERE. Leave us a message at either one to let us know what you think.


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