Friday, February 27, 2009

Follow The Fiesta

The adventure begins for the 2011 Ford Fiesta! Stay tuned for the premier of our FORD FIESTA audition video and don't forget to followtheFIESTA wherever the movement may take us!! Sign up to follow the adventure...yes you can be a follower. Haven't you always wanted to follow?


  1. Great website Brad. Good luck with this fun project. You guys ROCK at the Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater.

  2. Way to go, Brad and Emma!

    We'll follow; we'll watch; we'll want a ride!

  3. Slow the fuck down when your in Toronto. I saw a group of fiestas speeding down Church street at Maitland street. Another group was heading west on Maitland and went south at Church, like they were in a rally race. Please tell your drivers to slow down, with all that advertisement on the cars it's to their benefit to do so.

  4. Problem is that even Ford admits that we're getting a 60% version of what the Euro model actually is. Different engines, different transmission, different options.

    Even when the Big 3 have a chance to score a home run they instead hit a foul ball.

    Morons, a'holes and douche-bags who run these companies. No wonder Toyota, Honda and Nissan will soon be the Big 3 and Detroit will be turned over to "urban farms".